How To Find Bridal Jewelry That Honors Your Heritage


Your engagement ring and wedding band will always evoke memories of one of the most romantic days of your life – for this reason, your bridal jewelry will retain enormous sentimental value that only gets stronger as time goes by.

If you’re wondering exactly which styles will be perfect for you, you’re not alone. Many women find it difficult to make a firm decision about these very important pieces of jewelry! Today, there are so many choices and trends…however, finding bridal rings you’ll truly love for a lifetime can actually be as easy as looking back through your own family tree…

What Is Your Heritage?

Many brides-to-be already have some idea of their own genealogy – however, others may not know very much about their family’s background. If you’re interested in finding jewelry that has a sense of historical significance and special resonance, knowing your country (or countries) of origin can provide welcome inspiration.

For example, many American brides-to-be have Celtic ancestry (Irish, Scottish, or Welsh) – and they choose Celtic engagement rings that feature the ancient symbols of the British Isles – these often include warrior shield symbols (illustrating bravery and loyalty), Trinity Knots (symbols of the Holy Trinity) and Irish Claddagh symbols (a crowned heart held by two tiny hands).

If you’re of Celtic origin, finding wedding rings adorned with these spiritual designs, which always symbolize strength, faith, eternity, and love, can be very romantic and meaningful. In fact, many of today’s Celtic jewelry designers showcase symbols that date back to the sixth century – after the times of the Holy Roman Empire!

Whatever your country of origin, you can be sure that modern jewelry designers will find a way to honor it in their lovely bridal jewelry designs. Vintage or antique designs may also be beautiful choices – however, you must be sure you understand how these pieces of jewelry are valued. It can be easy to be taken in by dealers who offer clever reproductions of the “real thing”. Do your homework if you’re buying antique jewelry that features the symbols of your heritage.

Tips On Tracing Your Heritage

Talking to older relatives is a great way to understand more about your family’s background. A grandmother, great-aunt, or great-grandfather may have lots of exciting stories to share! These “oral histories” can lead to a deeper understanding of your ancestry and its impact on your own family.

Stories of immigration are quite common – did your ancestors arrive at New York’s Ellis Island? Were they descended from royalty, or were they “commoners”? What talents and traits did they display? These are just a few questions you might want to ask.

To make your wedding preparations more special, plan a family get-together that includes the oldest members of your clan. Then, ask for information about your heritage. You’ll create wonderful memories that can be the inspiration for a proper “family tree” scrapbook or photo album.

Of course, your older relatives may not live close by – if you’re separated by distance, use the Internet or “snail mail” to find out more about your family. You’ll never regret the effort you make finding out more about your family tree, and it may lead to the perfect bridal jewelry for your wedding ceremony.