With Antique Wedding Rings, You’ll Fall In Love All Over Again

vintage wedding rings

You can flip over antique wedding rings even if history has never been one of your favorite subjects.

Has there ever been anything more romantic than those old Victorians who decorated everything with flowers, birds, bows, and, incidentally, hearts?

Sorry about straying off topic.

There’s just so much to enjoy about antique wedding rings and antique wedding bands that it’s easy to get carried away – even if you don’t know your Edwardian Period from your Art Deco Period.

How Do You Find The Antique Wedding Ring Made Just For You?

All you have to do is find someone who knows about antique wedding rings and bands. You can likely find jewelers and antique dealers in your area that knows everything you don’t!

And websites that specialize in antique wedding rings are all over the Internet, along with not a few dealers who do nothing but ferret out magnificent antique and estate jewelry.

But just so you know, to truly classify as an antique, a ring (or your mother) has to be at least 100 years old. Some people say 50 years old, but real antique wedding rings are 100 years old or more.

Because of the age of the rings, you’ll need to keep a few things about authentic antique jewelry in mind while you look around.

An Antique Piece Can Have a Rich Heritage Behind It

Diamonds of yesteryear cannot be judged by today’s standards. Today’s diamonds are cut to maximize the way light reflects off its facets. Antique diamonds were cut to maximize carat weight and have bulky appearances.

The diamonds in antique rings also have a distinct romantic glow that’s appealing in a different sense. So, they will tend to lack the sparkly shine of today’s diamonds.

Besides diamond appearances, the settings of antique wedding rings are quite different from today’s settings. Many antique wedding rings feature delicate filigree work. This may make them inappropriate for every day wear.

Also, some vintage wedding rings like those from the Art Deco era can have diamonds or other stones in them that are quite large, and this too, may make a ring unsuitable for daily wear.

Finally, always always always be sure the companies or jewelers you do business with are reputable. Because the only thing worse than falling in love with the wrong vintage wedding ring is falling in love with a, yikes!, fake antique wedding ring.

BrilliantEarth is a reputable company that has a lovely range of antique-style wedding rings for you to browse. Have a look at some of their retro designs being reviewed here!

Keep these things in mind before you plunk down your hard-earned Visa card. That antique wedding band you’re so crazy about may not be a ring you’ll want to be wearing when you work around the garden ten years from now.

Enjoy yourself. Be sure to shop around.